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Philippi System Monitor (PSM)

The PSM system monitor is the first step into digital communication on board. It enables the monitoring and controlling of all connected philippi PBUS compatible components, and is the central indicating and operating interface of the EM-box. The PSM monitors, controls and manages the electrical installation. The CAN-bus system design enables to connect more than one system monitor side by side to obtain information about tanks, batteries, energy management and AC-power simultaneously. Alternatively several PSM system monitors may be installed on board at different locations to obtain the required information independently of each other. As the PSM system monitor operates as a central monitor, the system can easily be enhanced incrementally from the smallest stage of expansion for instance with only a shunt SHC as a battery monitor up to a multi system monitor or a control panel in a digital switched CAN-bus system.
The combination of the system monitor PSM with a digital shunt SHC 312/612 as battery monitor for the main battery including voltage measurement for a starter battery can be the first step for this new system. By fitting additional shunts SHC 312/612 for further batteries it`s easy to extend the system to your desire.
When a battery charger ALC is connected to the PBUS the system monitor has automatically access to the battery charger functions. Or you install an AC-interface ACW and get the informations about your AC - system. All further connections of compatible PBUS components expand the system monitor PSM to a multi function monitor.
PSM PSM Order-No: 0 7100 2000

The PSM system monitor is operated by a coloured TFT touch screen graphic display, with adjustable brightness, connected to the PBUS via a M12 cable.
Included in delivery are two terminator resistors M12 and a M12-T-adapter cable.

Type PSM-V is for the use with the switching interface CMR4. More information about this possibilities you can find under PBUS components.

Operation voltage: 8 - 60 V
Consumption: max. 110 mA, Stand-by: 5 mA/12V
Dimensions: L 105 x B 105 x H 35 mm
Cut out: 88 x 88 mm

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PSM-V PSM-V Order-No: 0 7100 2020